Sylvia Craft, Masonic Village

  Thank you for reminding me what music is all about. Yesterday's program at the Masonic Village was truly inspirational, and the program artfully chosen. As a retired worker in the classical music industry in NYC, it seems to me that you are all doing something wonderful.

Chris Weis

  I was amazed at the range of people playing in this group. They were spread out across all ages and backgrounds. They seem like they have great chemistry and enjoy being together as friends as well as musicians.

JoAnne Earnest, Professional Musician

  As a music educator, I'm always excited to see student progress. In just two years, I can enthusiastically vote this hard-working group "Most Improved."

Mark Schropp Jr.

  You sounded fantastic! I wasn't sure what to expect and you surpassed anything I could have imagined. I'm really impressed.