"Being in Sunday Sinfonia has encouraged me to play more, make connections with other musicians, and continues to feed my spirit."

I have played the cello for nearly 50 years but jumped at the opportunity to learn to play the bass in Sunday Sinfonia 2 ½ years ago, my first orchestral playing in 15 years. What a pleasure it has been to join with musicians of all abilities to play such wonderful music under the direction of such a positive, encouraging conductor. While my profession is teaching chemistry and physics at the college level I have the heart of a musician and am thrilled to have the expressive outlet of playing music.
- Stock W., college professor

"Not only has Sunday Sinfonia improved my ability to play violin, but I have also met some wonderful musicians who have been very encouraging to me."

I began playing the violin at the age of 8. The beautiful sound that the violin could create and the desire to follow in my dad's footsteps motivated me to play like he used to when he was my age. Sunday Sinfonia has been a great step in learning to play, particularly in a large group of multiple instruments. I'm very glad to be a part of it.
- Michelle P., high school student

"Where else could someone at my level play with such accomplished musicians under the direction of such a gifted conductor?"

Learning a string instrument as an adult is challenging to say the least. I decided to learn violin as I turned 50 and, committing myself to weekly lessons, slogged along teaching middle school English by day, practicing by night. After seven years of playing in the closet I was encouraged by my teacher to face my performance anxieties and join Sunday Sinfonia. Learning to play in an ensemble has pushed my level in ways I could never have imagined and worked wonders for my confidence.
- Nancy S., retired English teacher

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