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Who we are:

We are Sunday Sinfonia Orchestra @ Albright. Our web site address is

What information we collect:

Required information: We collect the following contact information: names, email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses from our members and donors.  From members we also ask what instrument(s) they play, their skill level at each, food allergies (we have potlucks at rehearsals), whether or not they consent to having their pictures taken and/or posted on our web site.  For minor members, we also collect names and addresses of parents or guardians, and require permission from the parent(s) or guardian(s) for the membership of the minor.

Optional information: We may occasionally ask members to complete a survey so we can get a feel for how members feel about aspects of the orchestra experience. For example, we may ask about the type and/or difficulty of music, the time, length, and/or frequency of rehearsals, interest in post-season dinners or fundraisers, etc.

We have a web site feature called a Spotlight, for the purpose of highlighting individual members of the orchestra. This feature is currently inactive, but we may bring it back if any member(s) show an interest. Participation is entirely voluntary, and members are free to share whatever information about themselves they want to, within the guidelines posted with the questionnaire.

What we do with it the information we collect:

Required Information: We use contact information for communications between the Personnel Director and the orchestra members. We use other information for gauging the capabilities of the orchestra in the selection of music, for providing food at rehearsals, for maintaining the web site, and for the protection of minor members.

Optional information:  We use this information formaking sure we have the best orchestra we can, by tailoring the experience to the needs of its members.

Do we collect payment information?

We do NOT collect credit card or other payment information  from our members or donors on this web site. All website payments are handled through our payment gateway, which is currently PayPal.

We do accept checks off-line, and handle them the way checks are normally handled.